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    99 Day Until Halloween 2021!

    Its now less than 99 days until Halloween 2021! πŸŽƒ We at the Vampire Court of Houston and Children of ash can’t wait! We look forward to all the great costumes and events of this [...]
  • In The News

    Comicpalooza 2021

    Comicpalooza 2021 is a wrap! Read here about what is in, what is out, and all the going on in the subculture! By Michael Vachmiel July 19th 2021Also – How Comicpalooza is Better than Anime [...]
  • Art for the Dark at Heart

    Vampire Erotica July 15 2021

    Vampire Erotica July 15 2021. Welcome back to the best consensual thirst trap on the web for your dark, erotic needs. Art for the Dark at Heart never tasted so good! We hope that you [...]
  • In The News

    Anime Matsuri 2021

    For the Alt Right, Qanon, and Sexual Predators Anime Matsuri – making cosplay great again. For sexual predators, Qanon, and the Alt Right. Anime Matsuri is infamous. Since 2018 when the Houston Chronical released their [...]
  • Art for the Dark at Heart

    Vampire Erotica July 11th 2021

    Vampire Erotica July 11th 2021 is done and here for your enjoyment! We bring you the best in subculture art from around the web every Sunday! Subscribe to never miss a update! Autumn Ivy Victor [...]
  • Spilling the tea!

    TSR Drama Continues!

    TSR drama continues as it deletes its Twitter account and more! TSR Drama has been a nightmare since their Pro Trump, Sexists, Racists, Misogynic post came to light, as documented here! However, like all alt [...]
  • Art for the Dark at Heart

    Calla Doll

    Calla Doll is making new art! A special Vampire Erotica appreciation post! Calla Doll has been entertaining audiences for years! We at Children of Ash and The Vampire Court wanted to make a special appreciation [...]

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