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    CWPV takes us to Silent Hill

    Gothic artist CWPV takes us to another dark world, Silent Hill, though mood and music. CWPV is not new to our readers! You enjoyed our previous article on this artist and we are back for [...]
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    Logan South Abuse Allegations

    Logan South, self proclaimed real vampire from Austin, is facing new allegations of abuse, drunk driving. Logan South at The Chateau Logan South is facing a new round a disturbing allegations of misconduct from those [...]
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    Contesa Mircalla Karnstein

    Contesa Mircalla Karnstein responds to the Dahvie Vanity situation. About the Vampire Court of Houston! We will keep you up to date on this ongoing situation. Subscribe so you never miss break news in the [...]
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    Gothic Coffee Mugs

    Vampire, Goth, Dark at Heart Gifts by The Vampire Court of Houston. The Gothic Coffee Mugs with our logo on it is the perfect gift for your vampire and Darkling! Oh, who are we kidding! [...]
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    Vampire Court of Arkansas

    Vampire Court of Arkansas reforms under the leadership of Queen Savannah Fonner. Vampire Court of Arkansas has reformed in 2021 under the leadership of Queen Savannah Fonner. Her Majesty wishes that all those who were [...]

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