Art for the Dark at Heart. Vampire and subculture erotica to tease and entice.

Art for the Dark at Heart is a constantly updated article featuring the best art around the web.

Art for the Dark at Heart is the Vampire Court of Houston searching the web for the best in Vampire and Dark Subculture visual goodness, or badness depending on your point of view. We do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Your Welcome!

Update 12-19-2020
Gothic Christmas to make the days a little better.

It has been a rough year! We look forward to putting 2020 behind us! Before we go, here is some gothic Christmas Goodies to close out the year!

Art for the Dark at Heart
So cute!

So cute! Need! maybe a few dozen of them. You can view the link here!

Art for the Dark at Heart
Every tree needs a black heart!

Hang you heart on your tree! or maybe someone else’s? Hey, I am not your mom! Get it here!

Art for the Dark at Heart
Halloween? Christmas? Why choose?!

Halloween? Christmas? Why choose! Just get decor that works for both! You can find it here!

Why lie? You have been naughty!

Why lie? We have all been so naughty! Naughty is so much fun! besides, coal is useful! You can catch this button here!

Holiday Postcards

Mail is still a thing! There is still that unique experience of receiving a card in the in mail. So make your impression with a custom postcard! You can find them here!

Update 12-1-2020
Cyberpunk art to celebrate the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

With Cyperpunk 2077 finally releasing on December 10, 2020 we at The Vampire Court of Houston thought it would be fun to take a visual stroll down the streets of the future. As always, the future is sexy and dangerous!

So we hacked the planet, er, searched the web for the hottest in cold cybernetic steel for your interfacing, er, viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy!

Art for the Dark at Heart

When flesh is optional, of course you can be the most beautiful creature around. Even if your high carbon alloy! This art is by Oliver Wetter and can be found here!

Art for the Dark at Heart

What’s the point of all that tech if you don’t use it? Going for Run from your Mr. Johnson? Maybe some Corpo paid for your dream vacation? Credits talk in the future and sometimes a BFG speaks the loudest!
Post can be found here!

Art for the Dark at Heart

The human form is so passe! So why not build your new one with a few upgrades? Like Mantis blades? Link to the post can be found here!

Art for the Dark at Heart

A little Steam. A little Cyber. All punk! All sexy! Good to see in the far future that retro is still a thing! You can find the post here!


Art for the Dark at Heart

Got tired of coal. Had to pay the bills. Took the bounty on the big man. It is the way!

Art for the Dark at Heart

Who doesn’t love a Disney Queen? Especially The Queen! Maleficent forever!

Art for the Dark at Heart

Aaron Diaz! The negative framing here is stunning.

Art for the Dark at Heart

Revena! Visit her Facebook page here!

Art for the Dark at Heart
Art for the Dark at Heart

My Tremere Bingo Card. I feel triggered! Maybe?

The Sunning Mahafsoun! This print and other are available for purchase! Here is a link to her Facebook page!

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