Vampire Court of Houston in the Media.

Vampire Court of Houston in the Media

Michael Vachmiel and the Vampire Court of Houston in the media.

Television, Movies, Podcasts, Viral Videos and more!

A real vampire in the media, Michael Vachmiel has been in videos, television, print articles, podcasts, and shot for movies involving real vampires, subcultures, and alternative art.

Since 2012, Vach has educated and entertained people around the world with his knowledge and easy going manor in expressing what it means to be in a subculture in a friendly way.

We are delighted to showcase his growing body of work here.

Michael Vachmiel and the Vampire Court of Houston in the Media.

January 2012

Houston Pagan Tv

A talk about wicca, witchcraft, and paganism.

August 27, 2012

BDSM – A Normal Persons Guide

A personal account of what consensual and meaningful kink can do for mind and spirit.


Sinical Magazine

An interview with our first business, Abyssal Oblique Industries. It is now the Vampire Court of Houston!

October 2013

Stretch for A Cause

Our first charity event!

February 19th 2014

Accused Killers Giving Satan Worship a Bad Name

Houston Press

My first newspaper interview!

July 2014

TMI – Joan Jett Fan Video

I was the door man in white! I also provided all the cool whips!

February 2015

Russell Reed

Blog Talk Radio

My Interview With A Vampire, Reverend Michael Bradley

Can’t find the link, but this was my first podcast interview!

April 14, 2015


Houston Press

This was the article that started it all! This was an amazing interview!

April 15, 2015

Texas Monthly

They discuss the Houston Press article! This was the beginning of things going viral!

May 6, 2015

Emilie Snow

YouTube Live Interview

Great Houston Persona! The channel is no longer around, but in its time, gave a big boost to our media presence! Thanks Emilie!

May 26, 2015


Television Show

(Un Aired Project)

The show was going to be about people who lecture, tour, and make money of the convention circuit. The show never got picked up but was lots of fun to shoot!

May 26, 2015


Houston Press

My adventures at Comicpalooza in Houston texas.

July 2, 2015


Houston Press

My not so fun adventures at Houston’s LGBTQ Pride parade!

April 2015

Barcroft TV

This is where my life went wonderfully and beautifully insane! This was an amazing shoot! I will be forever grateful to Barcroft and every who made this possible.

May 24, 2015

Getty Images

Best of News

Could you believe that a real vampire held the worlds attention for a bit? Yes, yes it did!

July 10,2015

Reveal Magazine, UK Edition – Blut Katzchen and me – cover and article.

We got a magazine article! Shock was the appropriate word!

July 22, 2015

Mirror – UK Edition

Another article on us and real vampires!

July 22, 2015


Another article on us and real vampires!

July 22, 2015

New York Post

Another article on us and real vampires!

July 22, 2015


Oh my gods! The Telemundo piece spread around the world quickly! It was insane!

July 22, 2015

Daily Mail

Another article on us and real vampires!

July 22, 2015


Another article on us and real vampires!

July 22, 2015



Another article on us and real vampires!

July 23, 2015

Huffington Post

Another article on us and real vampires! – This was not going away!

July 25, 2015


Another article on us and real vampires!

March 2015

Houston Gothic Beauty Pageant

Numbers Night Club

We were asked to be judges! That was so much fun!

August 1, 2015

Vampire Community News

September 15, 2015



Role – Dominant in club – background extra


September 25, 2015

Doctors Television Show

Want to go out to LA and do some TV work? YES!!!!

October 18, 2015


Top in Business Listings

Ranked #1 in Alternative Culture Expert on LinkedIN

A vampire winning a business award? Oh yes!

September 2016

World of Weird

Want to shoot with the people who do Horrible History for a brand new TV show? Yes and thank you!

September 2016

Weekend Superheroes Pod Cast

Wonderful Podcast!

October 2016

Nameless TV

Internet TV using Barcroft material. There were hundreds of repurposing of that material.

October 2017

Montrose Pub Crawl – Houston Press

Our costumes were awesome and we got in the news for it!

October 2017

All 4 TV

Another use of the Barcroft Material.

MDX Magazine

Small article on the Vampire Court of Houston

January 2018

Extreme Love

Wow oh wow! Viral video! 22 Million views and growing to this day!

May 2018

Real Vampire News Interview

June 2019

Hooked on The Look

The Viral Video, again!

August 2019

Vampire Court of Houston Podcast

Youtube Channel

Or where ever fine podcasts are served!

About the Vampire Court of Houston!

Houston Vampires? Houston has vampires! Yes and we are awesome!

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Vampire Court of Houston Vampires

Vampire Court of Houston

Definition – Noun* Manifestation of the collective Will of the Subcultures of the Greater Houston Area* A Private society of vampires and like minds forming a collective Inner Court. * A Global Society of vampires and like minds forming a public Outer Court. * A globally recognized business producing an array of art for the various global subcultures. * Hosted by Michael Vachmiel – Vampire King of Houston.

Have you ever wanted to join a vampire group but were put off by the drama of the community?  Could not find a group near you?  Maybe your group started but slowly died off?  Want to be a modern being and celebrate life, work, family and still have time to join the Dark Crusade?

The Vampire Court of Houston may be for you! 

Except the last part. We are not a time management organization.

The VCH is a community organization driven by the goal to meet the needs of the community while respecting its members.   We do not allow bullying or harassment of any type!  We do not ask for money from our members!  We allow people from around the world to join with us through the magic of social media.  

We do not formally sanction or acknowledge dark rituals or souls for trade.  


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