Qanon and Alt-Right Concerns in the subculture.

Qanon and Alt-Right

Qanon and Alt-Right.
Concerns and dangers in vampire community and subcultures.

Qanon and Alt-Right Concerns take many forms and appear in many ways.

This article is an ongoing examination of the activities of groups and individuals whose behaviour endanger others and themselves. Sometimes these actions are civil in nature, the worst of these actions are criminal and have lead to arrest. Qanon and the Alt-Right express their hate in many forms.

The world of the real, living vampire enticing, exotic, erotic. We use powerful imagery and emotions to share our imagturgy and dramaturgy. Unfortunately, there are thoses who uses these forces for abuse and criminal acts. Qanon and the Alt-Right are expressions of such groups.

We hope you, the reader, take the time to get to know people. Do your ground work on groups and organizations. Real leaders and honest groups will never rush you or force you to make snap decisions.

Qanon and Alt-Right Pedophile exposed in the alternative community in Texas. February 5th, 2021.

Qanon and Alt-Right
Qanon and Alt-Right
Qanon and Alt-Right

Qanon and Alt-Right.
The attack on the Nation. When the subculture becomes home to terrorists. January 9th 2020.

Qanon and Alt-Right seem to have a type. Alternative culture. Find a group of people that are outcasts. Find people who seek to belong. Find people who are economically vulnerable. Then you convince them their problems are not their fault. You convince them that the system is broken and it’s impossible to work within normal society. That you, as their groomer, has special knowledge and they, your victim, are somehow special that you are paying attention to them.

Notice how Qanon and Alt-Right and Pedophiles and sex abusing groomers have so much in common?

Todays darling is, you guessed, part of the pagan, neo viking, renaissance, and alternative culture with mutual friends in the vampire community.

Maybe one day this will end and we will purge ourselves of these creeps!

Qanon and Alt-Right
Jake Angeli

On January 7, 2020 America was attacked by radical domestic terrorists all of whom have been associated with Qanon and Alt-Right factions. Five years of organization, radialization, and indoctrination into the Cult of Donald Trump and Qanon has created a nation in which 18% believe that violent terrorism is justifiable. We are facing a cold civil war and domestic terrorism for the rest of our lives.

At the forefront of the symbol of this madness is Jake Angeli. Angeli is a resident of Arizona, but travels around the country as a Viking, Vampire, Shammon or whatever delusional self inspired fantasies he has. A minor voice actor of no real note, somewhere in the back of this terrorist mind participating in an act that has injured close to 60, resulted in five dead, was going to boost his career.

This is how dangerous and unstable people think.

Every responsible Vampire Group and Pagan Group, such as Sabertooth, The Vampire Court of Houston, and the Pagan Federation have denounce him.

Groups that support him and Trump terrorism remain silent.

Terrorism is a dead seed that is fueled by hate and agenda. This is a seed that has been germinating for a long time and with the help of many.

To understand the mind of these terrorists, you have to look at their beliefs.

They believe they are racially, sex gender, and morally superior.

They believe they hold a “special truth”

They believe the world is out to get them, and thus, nothing is their fault.

Let examine examples of this mind set with Facebook profiles of two Qanon and Alt-Right, pro trump, leaders of the Unity backed vampire community located in Houston Texas.

Qanon and Alt-Right

Qanon and Alt-Right

Qanon and Alt-Right

John “Panther” Smith is a vampire leader under Mikael Berry, the man who dressed as a Nazi and leads the Houston Vampire Court on behalf of Logan South and Unity. Looking at these screenshots you can see the typical mind of the Qanon member. You see a radicalized individual that follows Trump’s dangerous leadership and failed policies blindly. You see a belief in a vast global conspiracy theory that pedophiles rule the world. You see a belief that racism has no play in police violence.

In short, you see the typical portrait of a radical. A dangerous, angry white male existing in a reality in which only white males can save us all.


Qanon and Alt-Right

The above is from the Co Founder of the Unity Backed Houston Vampire Court. Aramond, along with Mikael Berry, the man who dressed as a Nazi and made anti semitic remarks at Numbers Nightclub, has pushed this radical and dangerous Qanon, Neo Nazi philosophy of racial and sexual supremacy.

Aramond, like Jake Angeli, sees himself as a “Vampire Viking” and just like his fellow Qanon members, sees all his enemies as pedophiles. He sees his perceived enemies as part of the “problem” and himself as judge, jury, and executioner. He has proclaimed himself the “global vampire police” and the enforcer of “real vampire law”

Like Qanon and Alt Right terrorists who see violence as justifiable, he has created a public hit list of “enemies” to be “deal with”

He has issues!

He however, demands obedience to his “Natural Law”

What is Armaond’s “Natural Law”?

The Natural Law is just misogyny and racism pure and simple!

According to Aramond and many Qanon, Alt Right men, there is god given “natural evolution” that certain chosen people are superior than others.

That the naturally “superior” members of society must rule “the weaker” members of society.

Pure racist, Nazi ideology!

He sees women as weaker to men and thus must “respect the biological truth of their lesser station” including allowing the “man full control of the physical relationship” and “providing survival of the species”

In other words, women are property to be used for breeding!

I can’t make this up!

I wish I was.

Qanon and Alt-Right.
White Supremacists and death threats in the Vampire Community. December 19th, 2020.

It seams the Vampire community can not go a day without violence, drama or embarrassment. This week we examine the Unity Court in Houston, The Houston Vampire Court, set up by Logan South, Mikael Berry, and Aramond.

First we have Raven Coronado, a member of the Houston Vampire Court and close associate of Mikael Berry and Logan South. So close she is offering to kill people for the Unity Vampire Cult. Considering the violent behavior of some of their members this is not a shock sadly.

Next we have the Unity installed leader in Houston, hopping on stage at a local nightclub, and giving a shout out to white supremacists in the audience.

Qanon and Alt-Right

Qanon and Alt-Right

Qanon and Alt-Right
Qanon and Alt-Right
Qanon and Alt-Right

Lord Chaz of New Orleans Vampire Community Fame, arrested on 150 counts of Child Pronography. December 5th 2020

Qanon and Alt-Right

Lord Chaz of New Orleans vampire community fame has been arrested on 150 counts of child pronography on December 2, 2020. Lord Chaz is well known for his involvement with the vampire and gothic culture of New Orleans for years.

Terrorism and danger in vampire community. Logan South, leader of Unity, arrested on Aggravated Assault with Bodily Injury. March 31, 2020

Qanon and Alt-Right

Logan South, Leader of Unity and well known public figure of the global vampire community with a troubled history, was arrested on March 12, 2020 for Aggravated Assault with Bodily Injury in Austin Texas. He is waiting a pre trial review in January 2021.

The Fall of Unity.
An expose on the fall of a Qanon and Alt Right based organization in the vampire community.

“The Fall of Unity.” An examination of hate in the vampire community.

This is a serious examination of the activities of elements of the vampire community. This work contains examination of subjects such as stalking, bullying, transphobia, homophobia, and language. This article may not be suitable for all readers.

On September 17, 2017 Logan South, Daily South, Gia Bathory , Maven Lore, along with with over 40 other members of the vampire organization called Unity came together to destroy the lives of two people. One person is Contesa Mircalla Karnstein, the Vampire Queen of Denver Colorado. The second person is myself, Michael Vachmiel, Vampire King of Houston.

Contesa has told her story.

Now I will tell mine.

Qanon and Alt-Right
Dangers of the real vampire community

As can be sean cleary above, Logan and Gia are addressing me. They are also instructing their members to remain silent and not to respond to any accusations about their behavior and actions. What behaviors and actions you may ask. We can start with their views on Contesa.

Dangers of the real vampire community
Dangers of the real vampire community
Dangers of the real vampire community
Dangers of the real vampire community
The installed leaders in the vampire community by Unity were all aware of this and all participated in this conspiracy.

Examining their words, there is an obviously jealousy issues. “She is poaching members” Gia expressed. “She makes us look like role players” is Maven Lores Remarks. Maven goes on further to express concern that Vampire Courts may be seen as “Vampire Fan Clubs”. If Courts are not Vampire Fan Clubs, Maven Lore, then what exactly are they, hate groups? Stalking Organizations? Cyber Lynch Mob? Daly South goes onto express that they see Contessa as “A Real Threat” A threat to what? Ticket Sales because she is “poaching members of your fan clubs”? Mavens words of calling a women a “Dick Warmer” seams to be well agreed upon by those in attendance of the chat.

So how does Unity work to destroy people? Read on!

So once again, we see Unity leader and Founder Gia at work. Slut and Kink shaming a womens art and sexuality, calling her victim “Disgusting”. Insulting a women wanting to be a mom, insulting women after a miscarriage. Insulting a women for her style and way of dress. Destroying a person saying they need medication and psychological help simply as a means of attack with no basis in truth at all.

Then their plan is to destroy her relationship with her lover. Set up fake profiles to spy upon her. Then set up a rival organization. We will discuss these methods in future articles. Ultimately, they state their goal is to destroy her entertainment business and career.

They conclude that it would just be easier to physically assault her and be done with it. Unity and it members are not shy about the threats of physical violence.

While this group is gone, the damage they have done will take years to heal and recover from.

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