Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures
Spilling a lot of Tea Here!

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. Qanon. Alt-Right Concerns. LGTBQ Hate. Neo Confederates. Gaslighting, lies, and outright fraud. Groups and individuals funneling money and resources to groups and organizations that support terrorism. Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures take many forms and appear in many ways. We seek to help expose as many as possible!

This article is an ongoing examination of the activities of groups and individuals whose behaviour endangers others and themselves. Sometimes these actions are civil in nature, the worst of these actions are criminal and have lead to arrest. Terrorist express their hate in many forms.

The Vampire Court of Houston encourages you to do your ground work on groups and organizations. Real leaders and honest groups will never rush you or force you to make snap decisions.

Cat Girl Wars! Cat Girl Manor, The Chateau, comes under fire under allegations of animal abuse, theft, sexual assault! May 20th 2021

If you follow my blog, and thank you for all the loyal Darklings who have shown The Vampire Court of Houston and House V so much love, by the way, you are familiar with Cat Girl Manor, The Chateau, and Isibella Antoinette. They have been featured in Vice and other places about their exploits.

They were also subject to attack by Logan South, Daily South, Gia, Michael Berry Kage, The Houston Vampire Court, The Dallas Vampire Court, and The rest of Unity Hierarchy in a desperate attempt to shut her down so they could control the party scene in Colorado. A situation that had ZERO to due with the current situation, despite attempts by leaders of Unity engaged in Alt Right Trumpian style revisionists history. Former Unity Leaders have not dealt with their own rape, sexual assault, abuse, and theft allegations against them.

Now back to the subject at hand, the current allegations against The Management and Staff at The Chateau.

Cat Girl Model, Erika Renee (Kayko) released the follow video listing her allegations against The Chateau!

Among the many strong allegations of assault, neglect for safety, and cult like atmosphere, the most damning is the alleged poor choice in allowing Dahvie Vanity to attend!

Dahvie Vanity’s attending The Chateau is damning!

In 2019, HuffPost reported that Dahvie Vanity, whose real name is Jesus David Torres, had been accused of sexual assault by more than 21 women, many of whom said they were minors at the time. There is a current FBI investigation on him! The Blood on the Dance Floor lead has had a troubled life involving accusations rape, sexual assault and pedophilia!

There is no sane, rational reason to invite a pedophile under FBI investigation into your kink safe space. None! Zero! To do so demonstrates a complete lack of judgement and moral character needed for responsible leadership. This is a complete and utter failure to ensure the safety of the models and sex workers of The Chateau.

I am not the only one who feel this way. The news of these allegations of civil and criminal misconduct spread to the internet and youtube. Repzilla made a video response to Kayko.

Repzilla responds to Kayko and The Chateau’s abuse allegations!

Spilling so much tea!

Sex Educator and BDSM advocate Evie Lupine responds!

Other Cat Girl Manor Models Speak Out!

We will keep you updated on this ongoing saga! If you don’t want miss a single update please, like, subscribe, and share or blog! We love you Darklings! Happy Hunting!

Sonsombre exposed with ties to white nationalist, hate groups. Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures continues. April 4th 2021

From an open post on Facebook
This is the team that exposed Sonsombre’s Brandon S. Pybus’ White Nationalists Ties

From the Facebook of Michael Rowland

“As a matter of plain fact, Brandon S. Pybus of Sonsombre is an active, registered member of the White Nationalist pro-Confederacy organisation Sons of Confederate Veterans (Official). I wish to draw your attention to this fact for several reasons. Recently, one of the artists whom I represent as their press agent posed two important questions, which drew a good deal of attention from many of you. These are not their exact words, but the hypothesis posed was to the effect of: 1. If a popular musician in our scene belonged to a pro-Confederacy organisation, would you want to know? 2. If so, would you continue to support them?Most of you answered 1. Yes, and 2. No. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. The following video discussion outlines the details of these assertions, and unequivocally demonstrates their veracity with clear and plain evidence.The evidence presented here confirms that Brandon Pybus from Sonsombre has plainly lied to his fans and to others questioning him on the issue of his affiliation to far-right, white supremacist hate groups, ever since the issue was first raised with him in September of last year. In this video it is also discussed why Sonsombre are increasingly being dropped by other bands, event promoters and other peers and colleagues in our community and related industries. The credibility of this information is becoming more and more widely known.It has not been an easy task for the people in this video and others behind them to bring this information to bear. As a person who belongs to the “I” part of BIPOC, “I” wish to commend these brave individuals for putting themselves in the firing line on all of our behalf. I stand alongside them, and I urge you to do so too. As a professional historian and researcher, I particularly want to acknowledge the thorough and diligent research that went into confirming these matters of fact.EDIT: Facebook is rendering this post unshareable, despite the settings being public. This is probably due to certain wording used. Please therefore copy and paste this link to help share this information:

The Vampire, Gothic, and Dark subcultures owes Michael Rowland, Ashley Peel, Michelle Shaw a dept of thanks for exposing Brandon S. Pypus as a white nationalist neo confederate. We are living in a time of danger with domestic terrorism. Hate in the Asian community, hate to women, hate to the LGTBQ community. Goths, Vampires, and other subcultures deserve to know if their dollars and social media support is going to go to groups and individuals who seek our complete and utter destruction with the use of physical and social violence.

Batcave and Cloak and Dagger in LA exposed as lairs for sexual predators. March 22, 2021.

The Fall of the Batcave

It seams that threats and concerns in the vampire and gothic subcultures never end. Over the weekend two powerful bombshells rocked the subcultures. The Following Quote is from Scarlet Lopez off her Facebook on a public post.

” Trigger Warning *

Long Post

I am doing this because I am no longer going to live in fear. I have done the silent thing, taken the higher road. But enough is enough. I am freeing myself of this pain, the idea that I am below someone who abused me verbally and physically from the age of 19.This is also a last ditch effort for him to resolve his debts and do what I asked many months ago. I have been advised to pursue this legally. This is also to protect myself and my family. I was told I would be hurt, and my family as well, should I ever come forward with any of this information. I met my ex, Jason “Jay” Zinn, aka Jason Ludwig, when I was 19 years old. He was in his 30s. There were many things wrong from the start. He would insult me constantly. Make fun of my appearance or intellect. Ask me to perform tasks for him, and follow those with praise. Shortly after, more insults. This became the norm. He belittled me and talked down to me for being a woman and Hispanic.”

(Editor’s Note – A common tactic that you will see in “Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures” ongoing article is gaslighting, racism, sexism. If you read previous articles, feelings of sexual and racial superiority are common with abusers in the subculture.)

I took this hard and began to feel something was wrong with me. A few months later I got pregnant. When I worked up the courage to tell him he first denied any involvement. Then changed his tune when I told him that whatever I decided, he would not have to be involved. He began to coerce me. He said he would not be responsible for “bringing a mixed race child into the world”. When the time came to have an abortion, he offered no help or sympathy. I laid in his bed and cried and his rude advice was “Get over it. Have a fucking beer!” It was then that he started telling me a little about his past. There were people, he said, that would kill him for dating me. For being a “race traitor” and turning his back on the Aryan brotherhood. He has been very important in the Neo Nazi movement, he had to go into hiding.

(Editor Note – Another common theme in “Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures” is Neo Nazi affiliation, Qanon affiliation, and Nazi symbology)

Then he told me he already had a wife, and 3 children. She was “blond and blue eyed, of course” but he swore he was no longer involved and “changed”. In fact, not only was he “out”, he was in hiding for his safety. His now ex wife he said, was still in and he had been trying to shake her. (I know now that much of the hiding was due to unpaid child support). He made me feel like something was wrong with ME for being the wrong race. Like a lesser human or dirty in some way. He followed that up with many tears and super sweet treatment so it triggered my nurturing instinct. I took care of him instead of the other way around. And so, began years of the same pattern.

(Editor Note – Again, with Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures, gaslighting, deflection, and blaming others is a common tactic!)

He had run a business as Wolfpack Services selling albums and CDs of White P*wer and Supremacist bands. He ran a “magazine” that was more of a newsletter for his message. He said he was so important, that the movie “American History X” was partly based on his life. He was responsible for organizing what I now understand were hate groups, but he called something else. They were protecting their way of life and being proud of their heritage just like everyone else, he said. He managed bands around the world and took charge and ownership of album rights. His purpose was to spread the word against Jewish people. This can be looked up using the business info in my screen shots.

(Editor Note – The screen shots can be found here)

I think that what really happened is that he burned the wrong people out of money and had to flee. It wasn’t a change of heart. Why else would he continue to use hurtful language and make racist remarks and talk about himself as pure blooded and better than everyone? One day he went to get his mail from his private mailbox (he never used his real address) and got notices from the FBI. There were cases were he had been named as possibly involved in hate crimes and he was being sought out.

(Editor Note – Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures was born out of my own personal experience with Unity Vampire Group organizing over 200 individuals to attack me so they could destroy my business. Group attacks, conspiracies both civil and criminal are common.)

He swore he had nothing to do with them and would handle it. He was flown out to Florida to testify in court. The case was a hate crime that resulted in murder. Over the next few years, he was pursued by the FBI for more cases. He avoided them and began to use his health as an excuse.

(Editor’s Note – Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures has documented violence in the culture. From asking “who do I need to kill” to “screaming jews at a nightclub” to documenting aggravated felony assault)

He closed his mailbox and any accounts that would make him easy to find.(Imagine my disgust and anger when recently, he went to much lengths to post his defense of his “good friend”, who I shall call DD, a European model and performer he started hanging out with. She came forward with her story of her ex denying her child because of his anti-Semitic viewpoints. Imagine my astonishment when he was responsible for spewing hypocritical words against hate and racism.) Over the years, he continued to be verbally abusive. Call me bitch, idiot, stupid, brown. He hated that my family spoke Spanish and told me to tell them not to speak it around him (in their own home!) His housemates called me “The Mexican” and spoke gibberish in Spanish to me, or spoke English loudly and slowly to me.

(Editor’s Note – Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures has documented the rise of hate in the era of Trump. Racism, Neo nazism, and Qanon walk hand in hand with the the political ideology of attacking Hispanic and Latino, Latinx peoples.)

When I asked him to make them stop, even in tears, he just laughed at me.He would scream at me while I drove to the club and I would often arrive holding back tears. Once he was so angry because he felt the club wouldn’t go well that night and it was, of course, my fault. He grabbed me by the hair while I was driving and wouldn’t let go. He later said he thought my updo was a “flower or something” and that he had tried to rip that out and not my actual hair. Excuses. He shoved me many times, into walls, closet doors, in the car. He smacked me with the back of his hand a couple of times and said it wasn’t really hitting, because he didn’t use his fist. He would throw things at me, hard and say he wasn’t actually touching me, so it wasn’t abuse. And all I could think was, lines have been crossed. I must have deserved this somehow.

When I first met his dad, he gave me half a watermelon on a plate. When I hesitated uncomfortably and asked for a utensil, he laughed and told me I had passed the “ Test”. I was humiliated and felt horrible about myself. Jay offered my services in cleaning his mother’s house without my permission. His mother told me “your people are so good at cleaning!” like it was a compliment. Towards the end of our relationship, I brought up the fact that his dad had tried to inappropriately touch my butt on the premise of “there’s something on it” and wouldn’t stop when I asked him to. It was so difficult to bring up but Jay got angry. “Are you trying to join the ‘Me Too’ movement?!” he asked. He isolated me from my friends. Male friends were no longer allowed. He hated my female friends and found ways to cut me off from them. I had never gotten along well with my family, and he exploited that. He cut me off from everyone and then told me constantly “no one loves you. No one cares about you. Not even your own family”.

(Editor’s Note – Cultus and Abusers isolate their victims. It is a common tactic)

My family disapproved of my relationship and this took a huge impact. I had moved out before I was 20. He told me he was the only person I had, and I believed him. Every time I tried to end the relationship, he tried a different tactic. He threatened me. He cried. He made me feel guilty. He said nobody else would ever love me.We began therapy in 2018, solo and couples therapy, and even the therapist wanted to know why he was so angry and depressed. Why he wasn’t moving on from having been ill years before and was stuck with a victim mentality. Worst of all, he blamed me for it. His doctor would ask him ‘Why? Why are you still not taking care of yourself?” They also told me what I suspected: I was enabling him and further hurting him by handling everything for him as if he was invalid. I went to court for him and got him declared disabled. I was his caregiver.

He had nothing to do but “work”: go on social media on his phone and talk on the phone to do “business”. I handled all the club duties. I drove to all venues and meetings, handled correspondence, made graphics, created event pages, ticket pages, booked, ordered supplies, managed accounts, etc. He booked some performers and shared poorly pieced together promo graphics he made on Layout on his phone. He showed up to clubs and ordered everyone around. Never did anything himself on account of his “condition”. He made side deals and found less than respectable ways to make himself extra money. I stayed out of anything he did of the sort.

At the time he liked to use the FB page Scarlet A Lopez. He started using it almost exclusively and conducting business this way. It was better, he said, to avoid the haters he had and that no one would mess with a girl. I posted every once in a while, but he used the page as if it were his. He even pretended to be me. Had conversations and talked to performers and patrons as if he WERE me. I began to feel very uncomfortable with this, especially when he began to be rude and demanding of people. Asking people to work for free. Starting arguments with people online. More than a couple of times he woke me up in the middle of the night, angry that I was “flirting” with someone. Even though it was HIM talking to the guy!

He ordered a girl that said she was feeling sick with menstrual problems to show up and dance at a Bondage Ball. “Give me a fucking break- cramps?!” he said. I felt so bad when that girl showed up and told me she was doing her job. It wasn’t me who was bossing her this way. Just the profile with my face. It began to happen all the time. People thought they were talking to me, being booked by me, being told off by me. It wasn’t that difficult to spot the difference, because Jay cannot spell or conduct himself in a businesslike manner. I was even embarrassed that people thought I was stupid because of all the typos and rude conversations.

I wasn’t allowed to have a phone. I used an old phone of Jay’s on WiFi at home, and could only communicate via FB messenger. He would read every message and the second my friends would message me, he would always be there: “There’s no time to mess around. Get to work”. I was completely isolated. If I needed to use a phone, he said, I could use his. I only really ever asked to call my family. “What do you need it for?” he would sneer. “Who are you going to call?”I could go grocery and shopping for household items, but not to any social function without him. He threw fits if I asked to go anywhere with friends. He threw my best friend out of our house. He even once texted her and said “Shut the fuck up and get out of my house!” because he couldn’t stand the sound of us laughing in the living room. He hated to see me happy.

I started taking anti depressants. He got angry. He screamed at me. He threw things. He said I was an unfeeling robot. There were good times: he smoked weed so he would become funny, and charming. I loved that. He would be kind and complement me and wouldn’t be so cruel. But once it wore off…he was demanding. Angry. Called me every name there was and it still wasn’t enough. He would tell me I was fat and pick on every body part. He had started going to therapy, and insisted I get a therapist as well. My therapist was real, honest, challenging, but a great listener. I owe her my eternal gratitude. Because of her, I know I am worth something. Because of her, I found my strength again. I remembered who I was, I could smile again. Over a year we worked on a plan. I would escape. It would be hard, since there was a business, and pets, and I was taking care of his every want. I felt guilty and selfish at times for wanting to escape. But truly, who could blame me?At the same time, we were going to couples therapy I remember the therapist giving Jay “homework” of not calling me names. I remember the day we “celebrated” in therapy because he went 3 days without calling me “b.tch, c.nt, dumbass, idiot, moron”. And that was the day I threw in the towel. I thought “Why would we celebrate a few days without being called these names? This is ridiculous!” My therapist agreed.

So it was in June 2019, shortly after Father’s Day, that I officially ended the relationship.At first, I thought Jay understood. But he simply said “No”. Then he tried to go back to normal. I began to question myself and wonder what was happening. I had been sleeping on the couch. We had separate rooms. Since he said everything we owned was his and all money was his money, I took a job so I could buy my own bed. We had not had any form of intimacy in months. I pleaded with him for us to come forward with our breakup. He said no. He didn’t want people to think I had “rejected him or know that I didn’t find him attractive” he said. That was what was important to him. Nobody had to know. I didn’t agree. He still didn’t treat me much better. I remember talking to my parents in Spanish on the phone while we were in the car one day and I quickly hung up. He hated it when all attention wasn’t focused on him. He was looking at me with disgust and said “You have never sounded so disgusting. Speaking that dirty language!” and I just looked at him in disbelief. He was the one who was disgusting.

This solidified my resolve.We still did things together. I took him to Benihana for this birthday dinner and he was furious that no one had been able to go with us. He insisted we post a photo and I captioned it “Happy Birthday!”. He was so angry. Go back and write something much better, he said. He had me go back and change it to what he dictated to me. It was incredible. I’m blocked from that profile, but you can still see the edit history on that post. Later, he would use that post as “proof” of my love for him.I still thought we could be friends. I thought he still had good qualities and still could be a good person.

We went to Wasteland Weekend together and the whole time he tried to touch me and act like we were together. I shut that down quickly. It was one thing for him to want to pretend to try to save face. But he and I knew better. That weekend, I felt like myself and happy again. I caught him more that once looking at me angrily because I was happy. For the first time, I felt hope. And however unexpected it was, I found someone special. I started talking to an acquaintance of ours, a guy who had guest djed for us a few times and was a friend of friends. We connected instantly. We had so much in common and our chemistry was unbelievable. It made me see that I would be okay. I had no phone to talk to anybody since I wasn’t allowed, so I used one of Jay’s spare phones (it was my dad’s old phone with an Obamaphone chip) so I could talk to my friends and the guy I had connected with. I didn’t want to push things. I was hesitant. But a few days later I told Jay I was done with the charade and going public with the end of our relationship. He completely lost it.

I was honest and told him that a big part of it was that I wanted to be able to date other people and that it had been long enough since June to make it public. He went crazy. He slammed his head against the wall. He threatened to kill himself. He threatened to hurt me. I was terrified. He made me write to Jason, the guy from Wasteland, from his phone and say I wanted nothing to do with him. He dictated exactly what he wanted me to say. I cried the whole time he made me do it because he said he would kill himself if I didn’t. He later used this as another example of my “love” for him. He knows he forced me to write that message. I even purposely added a few typos to communicate that it wasn’t me saying it.

(Editor’s Note -all this is classing pathological narcissism and abuse tactics.)

Eventually, he appeared to calm down. He got stoned and even acted civil towards me. He said I could post on FB that our relationship was over. So I did. In my post I stated that we would always be friends and that things could end on a positive note. I was wrong.He began to guilt me and get stoned day and night. When he wasn’t he was hostile and angry. He would scream at me and cuss at me and throw things. Call me names and try to touch me. He knew I hate weed but he began to stick a pipe in my mouth, light it, and say “Come on, just do it for me” Then say “Don’t act like I’m making you do it” and laugh. I wasn’t sleeping. He would guilt me if I said no to smoking weed. I hated it. He knew it made me sick to my stomach and paranoid.

I drank energy drinks to stay awake. I felt like I was dying. Jay would come try to climb into my bed and be angry when I told him to get out. I woke up more than once to find him asleep next to me. He climbed on top of me and put his entire weight on me to crush me. He wouldn’t stop when I told him no. He stuck his bare ass in my face. He did everything he could to scare me or humiliate me. I don’t know what his purpose was. I just know that he laughed when he did. He would ask me to come into his room to watch tv with him or hang out with him. I refused. The day I did, it was under the premise of watching “The Walking Dead” and I had not seen it in so long that I agreed. I shouldn’t have.

He began to force himself on me and wouldn’t stop. He tried guilting me. “Why don’t you like me? Why don’t you choose me? Why can’t we be together one last time?” It didn’t matter that I said no. It didn’t matter that I was crying. He did what he wanted and I was weak with fear and shame. I thought there was no way this could be happening to me. Afterwards he said “Why are you crying? You make me feel like I raped you!” and I just thought, this isn’t real. This doesn’t happen. People you know can’t rape you. A stranger does that. Someone who knows you couldn’t do this. This didn’t just happen. I immediately went into the shower and cried.

I had stashed the phone I was using in the bathroom and I texted Jason. I don’t know why. I was scared. He still has the texts from me from that night. I went to see my therapist and she was horrified. “Why do you think this wasn’t rape?” she asked. “He made you do something you didn’t want to do. He forced himself on you. You said no. You cried. He even said the work ‘rape’ himself”. But I couldn’t believe it. Not him. We knew each other. He wasn’t someone I just met or someone attacking me on the street. How could this be real? And I was afraid. Against my therapists’ insistence, I didn’t report it.On the last club night I worked in October 2019, he had several girls at the club. He said he was going to hook up with them and I said “Sure, good for you”. I honestly was happy for him. I thought he was doing better. I thought he would leave me alone. At the end of the night, I was hanging out with a friend and club patron. Jay came out I think someone had said that I was hanging out with a guy outside.

He later says he assumed it was Jason so he charged at this guy and attacked him. Other people ran to break it up and Jay ended up getting scratched and a bit bruised because he wouldn’t stop, and some club patrons had to hold him down. When he got up he went inside and took the phone I was using. I refused to come near him because I was scared. My friend got my purse and told me that Jay had taken my phone hostage basically so I would be forced to get into a car with him. Forget the phone, she said. She refused to let me go with him and instead took me back to her boyfriend’s house. I had no clothes or money. I was afraid to go home. I stayed there for the next day or so. Jay started texting my friends pictures of my belongings in the trash and saying things to them like he hoped I would get aids and die.

My friends rightfully cut him off. He was texting photos of his “injuries” to everyone saying that he had been attacked and that I had tried to have him killed. When I finally did go back, it was clear that I couldn’t stay at the house anymore. I reconnected with Jason and he offered to let stay with him when needed. I bounced from friend’s house to my parent’s house to Jason’s house. Jay had taken my bank card. I had no money. I didn’t even have a dollar to my name. The house we were living in was owned by my parents. I had been paying the mortgage on it with the intent to keep it. Even so, I was the one who couldn’t come back to my own house. Jay moved other people in. Told me I couldn’t come back. Guilted me by saying I had abandoned my pets. He called everyone we knew and told them lie after lie. Story after story. I had kicked him out and was taking the house over with Jason. He was homeless. I had cheated on him and we never had broken up. I had stolen the club money from him. I was planning to start my own club. I had run up his credit cards and left him in debt.

I was devastated. The reality was, my parents owned the house. I never told my parents we had broken up until I absolutely had to, in case they DID want him to move. And why wouldn’t they? Their own daughter was basically homeless and penniless while he lived at their property, and moved other people in. I had to get financial help from my parents to even have money to eat. I ordered a phone and it got shipped to the house. Jay immediately took it and put his SIM card in it. He said he needed a new phone more than I did. I canceled the debit card and he took the new one and put it in his wallet when it arrived. It was sickening. He was using my Amazon Prime account and backed up his photos to my account. It was very stupid of him as I can see his photos and screenshots of things he did and the conversations he was having about me. He told me I couldn’t come back because he had guests and was busy. I had nowhere to go and was out of clothes, so I went back to the house. I was there when he got home, drunk, with a bunch of people. I was sober.

When things escalated, I called the police and he fled with his date. His friends remained in the house and the police told me they had “tenant’s rights” and I should leave. I had nowhere to go, no money, no car. Finally more police arrived and since the guests got belligerent, they were asked to leave the premises. When Jay finally returned, I was a mess. The house had been trashed by his guests. Food and salt thrown everywhere. Laptop and electronics broken. They had even stabbed a kitchen knife into the wall. I had called my dad to explain everything, so this was the last straw. He came over the next day to ask Jay to move.It took months. I had no longer been living at the house since October. All bills had been paid by me except DWP which was in his name. I had no money since he had taken my bank card and all cash and event money. He guilted me when the power was shut off because he had not paid it or any bills in my absence. Jason was kind enough to lend him a generator which I drove over myself and filled with gas myself so he could use it. Jay was so lazy he didn’t even unload it from the car. He said I was abusing the pets by leaving them with no power so Jason even let him borrow $1100 dollars plus fees to pay debts and help him move. I have proof in an attached screenshot.

Jay said I was still responsible for events and if they failed it was my fault. He made me work behind the scenes because he had no idea how to do anything. He had no idea how to create an event, make graphics, how to manage a ticket page. He didn’t know any log ins or passwords, he didn’t even know what ticket page and payment processing company we used. Why? Because he didn’t do any of the work. He had no idea how to actually run an event other than talk on the phone and exploit people like vendors for money. He said everyone was glad I was gone and was saying how much better the clubs were doing without me. All while making me do promo and ads behind the scenes. He even had me borrow $1300 from my parents as a bar deposit for the December 2019 Batcave event. He called me over and over again that night while I was trying to enjoy a friend’s birthday party and later called to tell me my money was gone, and that he needed me to send him more money because the bar was short.

(Editor’s Note – You would not believe how many gothic, vampire, and kink events are actually ran this way, with no economic or business discipline)

I was amazed.From then on, I didn’t have anything to do with the clubs. I did a few promos for him before I quit and would not do anything else. Even though I was the one that had done the real work, the promo from outside companies that hired us, they turned their back on me. “Friends” either dropped me or told me that Jay had told them they couldn’t hang out with me or they wouldn’t be allowed back in clubs. I was treated badly by the promoters of an event I will call V Ball, even though I had been the one to promote them for 3 years. Jay had no idea who the organizers were or what the event was about when we started working with them, but they just handed the contract to him without question or notice to me whatsoever. Further, they ignored my messages and I even bought tickets to an event I had been working for 3 years at the time. I can only conclude it is more of the “men run the show” mentality.

It’s disappointing and sad, especially since I had been the one to actually put in the work for these events both in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and Jay only posted a few badly pieced together ads he made on his phone with descriptions and hash tags he stole by cut and pasting from other people.To this day he tells people that I left him with “debts”. To be clear, he used his cards to get a new mattress, adjustable bed base, tablets, 2 air conditioners, 2 tvs, a Playstation, a mini fridge, a camera, a laptop, etc. These items were all in his bedroom (we had separate bedrooms) and were all taken by him when he finally moved. He had a Lowe’s card which he used for household items, a keyhol garden, gardering supplies, etc. so he could grown weed and were his expenses. All credit cards, bills, expenses, rent, etc had been paid by me up until October.

I more than paid or covered anything I may have used. In fact I was paying his debts. His Lyft and Uber rides, gym membership, ticket fees, etc continued to come out of my account. His phone bill came out of my personal account until June 2020. He refused to pay the mortgage or rent to my father in my absence. When he finally did, he did so in the form of a check for $400 or so, and immediately asked my Dad for cash to move. He threatened to sue him over the condition of the house and said he was squatting until my Dad gave him money. He had a famous model from overseas coming to stay with him and needed money to put a deposit down on a room where he was moving. I was completely unaware that he blackmailed my dad for money and even made my Dad use his truck to move his belongings to my new place.

My dad later told me he was afraid of him and the “friends’ he had brought to the house, so he felt he had no choice. My 75 year old Dad. Who had treated Jay with kindness and given him a place to live and fed him and been good to him. Only to be mocked for being “a beaner” and for not speaking English well. I just found this out recently and I am furious.When he finally moved, he stole my belongings and everything from the house. I didn’t have much change to go to the house to get anything. Anytime I wanted to I was afraid that I would see him or he would say he wanted to meet me there. I didn’t want to see him anymore. I got a new bank card and asked him to stop using my tax ID to run businesses and collect funds from events. He did not. He simply changed payouts to his personal bank and Venmo accounts and let the bills keep coming out of my account.

He started events with new “partners” and used payment processing accounts tied to my name to get paid. Basically sticking me with the income on paper while taking it for himself. He blamed me for any failures he had at trying to run clubs.It makes me sick to think of him using people for labor, favors, sympathy and attention. People that he looked down on and made fun of. For being black, for being gay, for being Jewish, for having accents, for not being good looking enough.He started putting on “social distanced” events at our venue under the Batcave name that I in no way backed or endorsed. I asked him to please use other names if he was going to do this. It is one thing to go out or see friends as a personal decision, but I did not agree on using the club names I had built over years being used this way. He ignored my requests.I decided to go to the Circle for one of his “safe” events. My reasons were: to plead with him to stop putting on these events. To get him to release profile and club accounts purely for accounting and tax filing purposes. And lastly, to confront him about raping me. I wanted to see his face and ask him if he regretted it, and do so in a safe environment with people and witnesses around to watch. Unfortunately, as soon as I got there and asked to speak a new dj stepped in to protect him and sit at the same table.

I don’t know his motivations, but he made sure to interrupt me and deny anything I said. I had met this dj once before, briefly, so it was bewildering that he thought this would help. Regardless, I was grateful for a witness. I tried talking to Jay but he was not receptive and hostile. This didn’t surprise me. But when I brought up what he had done to me…he laughed in my face. He said “Oh, you know we were together a few times. After you got your boyfriend” I was speechless. It felt like he had thrown acid in my face. This was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Confronting my abuser. But he was not only ridiculing me for standing up for myself, but thinly veiling a threat. This will be my story, he said. That it was consensual and more than once. Knowing full well that I had wanted nothing to do with him even while we were in a relationship. Why would I want to be with him afterwards? How could he sit there knowing what he did to me and laugh? I just sat there trying not to cry. He just continued stating lies for the benefit of the dj sitting there listening.

There was no talking to him or reasoning. There was no remorse for anything he had done.To this day he has not complied in any of my requests. He has not let me into the accounts or taken responsibility for the taxes. He hasn’t even let me file since he locked me out of the accounts for records. He simply moved the payouts to his bank and Paypal accounts and left my tax ID on record for events I received no funds for and was not involved in. The events he put on with his “partners” also used the ticket pages with my information on file. They received payments for tickets that they sold under my name and tax information. This is fraud. When I asked Jay to stop, he said “So what? What are the taxes, like $200?” No, they are not. He has no idea how businesses work since he has been using other people and their information for as long as I know of.

He told people that I had stolen the passwords to everything when in reality I gave him everything he needed and exited. I never talked about him to anyone except for 1 person, in a private phone conversation and they know who they are. I have never said a bad word about him.To see the people who still support him is sickening. It lets you know what kind of people they are, though. There are a few who knew how he treated me privately and they did not change their stance.2 days ago, I was charged for a gym membership and club fees. Even though I have changed my debit card twice, he is also using my bank information and routing numbers to directly pull money. It was my job to call around and locate the correct gym. I was told he had reopened an account in his city of Long Beach and that my bank information was used as payment.

He is a grown man. I don’t believe this was by any means a mistake and he doesn’t know how he paid for his gym membership. This is malice. I was advised by my bank to file a police report and further, press charges for identity theft. I have been more than patient and civil. This has to stop. I cannot continue to allow this to happen.I deserve to be free. I deserve to be happy. I have a wonderful partner who is more than supportive and I cannot be more thankful that I have him. But I am still haunted by the past and the man who hurt me for my entire adult life. I want to know that I deserve to be happy. I can’t live with the threat of being responsible for his money scams. I deserve to enjoy my life and forget what it was like to be abused and hurt. I have to do this so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I can’t live with the guilt of knowing that if I don’t say something, he will prey on someone else. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Ever again.”

The Fall of Cloak and Dagger

From The LA Times Article

“actor Thomas Middleditch, best known for his role as Richard Hendricks on the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” approached Harding on the dance floor, she said. He’d met Harding at the club before. Staff had brought concerns about his behavior to co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson.”

According to the article, Thomas Middleditch made lewd and aggressive sexual overtures, including grouping, toward Hannah Harding in front of her friends and the clubs manager Kate Morgan.

Morgan reported the incident to her bosses, but they refused to act on the situation.

According to the article, the abuse was widespread and covered up, typical of threats and concerns in the vampire and gothic subcultures when dealing with sexual predators and people in positions of power.

From the article “Ten women, including four former employees, told The Times that Bravin and Patterson — prominent artists in L.A.’s rock and electronic music scenes — ignored sexual misconduct among members at Cloak and at its festivals. They allege that the owners took cover under the club’s secrecy and boundary-pushing aesthetic, until a Zoom call in June, when members unloaded on Bravin and Patterson about how they’d been treated.”

Cloak and Dagger created a Cult, built on secrecy, on denial, threats, and abuse.

“employees and guests said Bravin used his position as a gatekeeper to pressure members and employees into tense encounters.”

“Adam flirted with almost every female employee, either asked them out directly or sent flirty messages at 2 a.m.,” Lesser said. “We organized a [separate] Zoom meeting for former employees where someone said, ‘Raise your hand if you’ve been hit on by Adam and Michael.’” The vast majority raised their hands, Lesser said; other employees recalled the meeting similarly.”

Like all bullies, when confronted, they shut down and ran.

“Shortly after being contacted by The Times in January about Cloak & Dagger’s alleged toxic atmosphere, Bravin and Patterson announced that the club was closing permanently and deleted all their social media content.”

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. Qanon and Alt-Right Pedophile exposed in the alternative community in Texas. February 5th, 2021.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right
Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right
Qanon and Alt-Right

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. Qanon and Alt-Right.
The attack on the Nation. When the subculture becomes home to terrorists. January 9th 2020.

Qanon and Alt-Right seem to have a type. Alternative culture. Find a group of people that are outcasts. Find people who seek to belong. Find people who are economically vulnerable. Then you convince them their problems are not their fault. You convince them that the system is broken and it’s impossible to work within normal society. That you, as their groomer, has special knowledge and they, your victim, are somehow special that you are paying attention to them.

Notice how Qanon and Alt-Right and Pedophiles and sex abusing groomers have so much in common?

Todays darling is, you guessed, part of the pagan, neo viking, renaissance, and alternative culture with mutual friends in the vampire community.

Maybe one day this will end and we will purge ourselves of these creeps!

Qanon and Alt-Right
Jake Angeli

On January 7, 2020 America was attacked by radical domestic terrorists all of whom have been associated with Qanon and Alt-Right factions. Five years of organization, radialization, and indoctrination into the Cult of Donald Trump and Qanon has created a nation in which 18% believe that violent terrorism is justifiable. We are facing a cold civil war and domestic terrorism for the rest of our lives.

At the forefront of the symbol of this madness is Jake Angeli. Angeli is a resident of Arizona, but travels around the country as a Viking, Vampire, Shammon or whatever delusional self inspired fantasies he has. A minor voice actor of no real note, somewhere in the back of this terrorist mind participating in an act that has injured close to 60, resulted in five dead, was going to boost his career.

This is how dangerous and unstable people think.

Every responsible Vampire Group and Pagan Group, such as Sabertooth, The Vampire Court of Houston, and the Pagan Federation have denounce him.

Groups that support him and Trump terrorism remain silent.

Terrorism is a dead seed that is fueled by hate and agenda. This is a seed that has been germinating for a long time and with the help of many.

To understand the mind of these terrorists, you have to look at their beliefs.

They believe they are racially, sex gender, and morally superior.

They believe they hold a “special truth”

They believe the world is out to get them, and thus, nothing is their fault.

Let examine examples of this mind set with Facebook profiles of two Qanon and Alt-Right, pro trump, leaders of the Unity backed vampire community located in Houston Texas.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

John “Panther” Smith is a vampire leader under Mikael Berry, the man who dressed as a Nazi and leads the Houston Vampire Court on behalf of Logan South and Unity. Looking at these screenshots you can see the typical mind of the Qanon member. You see a radicalized individual that follows Trump’s dangerous leadership and failed policies blindly. You see a belief in a vast global conspiracy theory that pedophiles rule the world. You see a belief that racism has no play in police violence.

In short, you see the typical portrait of a radical. A dangerous, angry white male existing in a reality in which only white males can save us all.


Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

The above is from the Co Founder of the Unity Backed Houston Vampire Court. Aramond, along with Mikael Berry, the man who dressed as a Nazi and made anti semitic remarks at Numbers Nightclub, has pushed this radical and dangerous Qanon, Neo Nazi philosophy of racial and sexual supremacy.

Aramond, like Jake Angeli, sees himself as a “Vampire Viking” ,a major threat and concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures, and just like his fellow Qanon members, sees all his enemies as pedophiles. He sees his perceived enemies as part of the “problem” and himself as judge, jury, and executioner. He has proclaimed himself the “global vampire police” and the enforcer of “real vampire law”

Like Qanon and Alt Right terrorists who see violence as justifiable, he has created a public hit list of “enemies” to be “deal with”

He has issues!

He however, demands obedience to his “Natural Law”

What is Armaond’s “Natural Law”?

The Natural Law is just misogyny and racism pure and simple!

According to Aramond and many Qanon, Alt Right men, there is god given “natural evolution” that certain chosen people are superior than others.

That the naturally “superior” members of society must rule “the weaker” members of society.

Pure racist, Nazi ideology!

He sees women as weaker to men and thus must “respect the biological truth of their lesser station” including allowing the “man full control of the physical relationship” and “providing survival of the species”

In other words, women are property to be used for breeding!

I can’t make this up!

I wish I was.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. Qanon and Alt-Right.
White Supremacists and death threats in the Vampire Community. December 19th, 2020.

It seams the Vampire community can not go a day without violence, drama or embarrassment. Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures this week examines the Unity Court in Houston, The Houston Vampire Court, set up by Logan South, Mikael Berry, and Aramond.

First we have Raven Coronado, a member of the Houston Vampire Court and close associate of Mikael Berry and Logan South. So close she is offering to kill people for the Unity Vampire Cult. Considering the violent behavior of some of their members this is not a shock sadly.

Next we have the Unity installed leader in Houston, hopping on stage at a local nightclub, and giving a shout out to white supremacists in the audience.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right
Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right
Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. Lord Chaz of New Orleans Vampire Community Fame, arrested on 150 counts of Child Pronography. December 5th 2020

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Lord Chaz of New Orleans vampire community fame has been arrested on 150 counts of child pronography on December 2, 2020. Lord Chaz is well known for his involvement with the vampire and gothic culture of New Orleans for years. Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures can get no worse that child sexual predators and those that make excuses for them.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. Terrorism and danger in vampire community. Logan South, leader of Unity, arrested on Aggravated Assault with Bodily Injury. March 31, 2020

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures Qanon and Alt-Right

Logan South, Leader of Unity and well known public figure of the global vampire community with a troubled history, was arrested on March 12, 2020 for Aggravated Assault with Bodily Injury in Austin Texas. He is waiting a pre trial review in January 2021.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures.
The Fall of Unity.
An expose on the fall of a Qanon and Alt Right based organization in the vampire community.

“The Fall of Unity.” An examination of hate in the vampire community.

Threats and Concerns in the Vampire and Gothic Subcultures. This is a serious examination of the activities of elements of the vampire community. This work contains examination of subjects such as stalking, bullying, transphobia, homophobia, and language. This article may not be suitable for all readers.

On September 17, 2017 Logan South, Daily South, Gia Bathory , Maven Lore, along with with over 40 other members of the vampire organization called Unity came together to destroy the lives of two people. One person is Contesa Mircalla Karnstein, the Vampire Queen of Denver Colorado. The second person is myself, Michael Vachmiel, Vampire King of Houston.

Contesa has told her story.

Now I will tell mine.

Qanon and Alt-Right
Dangers of the real vampire community

As can be sean cleary above, Logan and Gia are addressing me. They are also instructing their members to remain silent and not to respond to any accusations about their behavior and actions. What behaviors and actions you may ask. We can start with their views on Contesa.

Dangers of the real vampire community
Dangers of the real vampire community
Dangers of the real vampire community
Dangers of the real vampire community
The installed leaders in the vampire community by Unity were all aware of this and all participated in this conspiracy.

Examining their words, there is an obviously jealousy issues. “She is poaching members” Gia expressed. “She makes us look like role players” is Maven Lores Remarks. Maven goes on further to express concern that Vampire Courts may be seen as “Vampire Fan Clubs”. If Courts are not Vampire Fan Clubs, Maven Lore, then what exactly are they, hate groups? Stalking Organizations? Cyber Lynch Mob? Daly South goes onto express that they see Contessa as “A Real Threat” A threat to what? Ticket Sales because she is “poaching members of your fan clubs”? Mavens words of calling a women a “Dick Warmer” seams to be well agreed upon by those in attendance of the chat.

So how does Unity work to destroy people? Read on!

So once again, we see Unity leader and Founder Gia at work. Slut and Kink shaming a womens art and sexuality, calling her victim “Disgusting”. Insulting a women wanting to be a mom, insulting women after a miscarriage. Insulting a women for her style and way of dress. Destroying a person saying they need medication and psychological help simply as a means of attack with no basis in truth at all.

Then their plan is to destroy her relationship with her lover. Set up fake profiles to spy upon her. Then set up a rival organization. We will discuss these methods in future articles. Ultimately, they state their goal is to destroy her entertainment business and career.

They conclude that it would just be easier to physically assault her and be done with it. Unity and it members are not shy about the threats of physical violence.

While this group is gone, the damage they have done will take years to heal and recover from.

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