Tee Vee – Bold, New New Wave From Houston Texas. By Michael Vachmiel December 6, 2020

Tee Vee is the musical guise of Teresa Vicinanza, a singer-songwriter, operating from her home base of Houston, Texas.

I first encountered Tee Vee at Insomnia Gallery a yew years back and I have been hooked on her sound ever since. Before the world came to screeching halt I was able to catch her album release concert at Axelrad Houston. Describing Vee’s musical styling is a bit difficult at times and that is wonderful. Sometimes it is New Wave Synth goodness. Other times it hits as expanding ambient waves massaging the soul. What I enjoy most about Tee Vee’s sounds is that you can listen to it while near sleep, at a party, in a full room in a concert. Same song, different emotions. There is almost an adaptive senscience to her art, the music weaving in and out of your soul and mind as the need within you calls it into being for your own use.

Tee Vee
Teresa Vicinanza, Tee Vee. Photo by Ryan Francisco Photography

Tee Vee’s music while not mainstream has not gone unnoticed. She has been featured in Culture Map, The Houston Chronicle, Won Best Houston Album of 2019 (Which I have an Autographed Copy), and Houston Magazine.

In today’s world of anxiety and fear this style of art helps soothes the mind and soul. So until we can all meet again at a live concert safely bring some new music into your life by following the many links above.

The Vampire Court of Houston Highly Recommends this artist!

The music.

You can discover the magic of Tee Vee music in several places. You can visit her Facebook Page. You can visit her website. Lastly, you can visit her Bandcamp.

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