Walk the streets of the World of Darkness to the music of CWPV.

CWPV Interview!
Updated January 9th 2021

I had the pleasure of speaking with CWPV about their art, music and future projects!

Vampire Court of Houston – What attracted you to Vampire the Masquerade?

CWPV – “I grew up moving a lot. Once I was in this shopping mall with some older dudes and girls. I saw the cover of VtMB and asked them to buy it for me (I maybe was like 11 or 12). And they did. I loved Bloodlines instantly. The atmosphere and the feel of not really knowing what was going on and who played games with you and who wasn’t, the brilliant soundtrack.. So I’ve been playing it nearly every year since then and got introduced to the trpg etc.”

VCH – What inspired you to make art based on World of Darkness?

CWPV – “I needed an emotional outlet, after some tragic happenings in my life. I decided to start making music (I was studying law and had not much to do with that before) to let something stay once I am gone. Lore by Night, Twin Cities, the Primogen and Outstar were all people I followed and enjoyed, so I decided to make my own take on the WoD. What better theme then the WoD after nearly dying? Cwpv is indeed just one of two projects I am working on. Also writing became a thing. I really hope my answers are not too long.”

VCH – Your first projects were based on the original Bloodlines video game. Do you plan expand to any of the other creatures of the night from WOD such as werewolves?

CWPV – I would love to expand, once I am feeling it. Currently the Kindred society just resonates the most with me and always has, but I would be open to everything new, especially when someone has a fascinating idea.

VCH – Games are massive popular right now! Critical Role has spawned performers such as Ginny D and Lilli Furfaro. Do you see yourself evolving in such a way for World of Darkness and Vampire the Masquerade?

CWPV – I certainly can see my brand evolve in that kind of way, if there is support to be able to do so. Sadly the official WoD channels have been really silent concerning my work. But that doesn’t mean I will stop creating and promoting it. It will just take more time to do so. I have a love for the community and the WoD itself, that goes deep, so I won’t stop working on Cwpv.

VCH – Where can our readers find your work online?


You can find me on Youtube under Cwpv, on Twitter under @Cwpv_ and on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp etc. There are already some new tunes hidden away on Soundcloud also, for those who wanna check it out. Love, and thank you very much for this little interview! 🙂

CWPV Follows the paths of Ginny Di,
Lilli Furfaro and others in turning table top role playing into unique art.

CWPV is following down the dark streets of Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, and Changelings to music uniquely their own.

There is no secret that as a real vampire and game enthusiast that I have a passion for Vampire the Masquerade. The now flawed but legendary computer game, Vampire the Masquerade, Bloodlines, spawned a cult following that continues decades later. One the gripping things about the original bloodlines was the soundtrack. So when I came upon the artist, CWPV, putting their own unique spin on what the music of The World of Darkness would be, the overall game setting of Bloodlines, I knew I had to give them a listen to.

CWPV – “Red Spot Robbery”

Red Spot Robbery is dark ear candy. A slow, repetitive beat that fills you. A heart beat like thrumming that you can feel. The image of walking downtown, a light rain coming down, just you and the other creatures of the night. Some human, some not. Some hunting for fun, others for survival. This track is great for hunting scenes in you tabletop roleplaying game, or TTRPG.

If you are a fan of artists such as Ginny Di or Lilli Furfaro who have taken roleplaying and transformed it into unique art then give CWPV a try!

You can find CWPV at

Youtube and Twitter

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