How do I become a real vampire?

How do i become a real vampire?

How do I became a real vampire? Let’s explore the mysteries of the night in our continuing Vampire 101 series.

How do I become a real vampire is probably the most asked question I get. I get messages from people around the world begging me to turn them into vampires every day! So to set the record straight on becoming a vampire, here is the 100% pure fact of the matter.

Real Vampires are born. We are not made. At some point in our life we awaken to our hunger, that is, the body of a real living vampire can not produce the energy it needs to main balance, and we can not take in that energy through normal means. That is the key, normal means. Everything has to eat! Many use energy in their spiritual practice. There are many beings out there that feed off energy! The vampire is different in that if we don’t feed, we simply do not work very well and our our physical, emotional, and spiritual health begins to suffer.

That is not to say that you can not appreciate the vampire aesthetic. That you can not model your life after vampire culture. That you can not appreciate energy or actually learn how to feed! ( Commentary: Believe me, going to large stadium concerts, plenty good old fashion people can feed off energy if it is high enough! Been around fairy kin, they feed off energy like mad! Therians in nature, you can feel that pull from them. ) Many things feed and manipulate energy that have zero to do with the vampiric condition. That is not to say you can’t appreciate vampcore fashions! And being a real vampire vs learning how to feed or manipulate energy does not mean you can’t engage in vampire spirituality. Play with the Black Flame at your own risk!

Bottom line is this. No one can turn you into a vampire. You are either born with the hunger or not. If you choose to enter our world, learn our magics, play in our darkness, then do so with respect. Again, like any spiritual practice no one can turn you, you have to earn it through practice and discipline!

We love you and happy hunting!

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Definition – Noun* Manifestation of the collective Will of the Subcultures of the Greater Houston Area* A Private society of vampires and like minds forming a collective Inner Court. * A Global Society of vampires and like minds forming a public Outer Court. * A globally recognized business producing an array of art for the various global subcultures. * Hosted by Michael Vachmiel – Vampire King of Houston.

Have you ever wanted to join a vampire group but were put off by the drama of the community?  Could not find a group near you?  Maybe your group started but slowly died off?  Want to be a modern being and celebrate life, work, family and still have time to join the Dark Crusade?

The Vampire Court of Houston may be for you! 

Except the last part. We are not a time management organization.

The VCH is a community organization driven by the goal to meet the needs of the community while respecting its members.   We do not allow bullying or harassment of any type!  We do not ask for money from our members!  We allow people from around the world to join with us through the magic of social media.  

We do not formally sanction or acknowledge dark rituals or souls for trade.  


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Happy Hunting !

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