Three Types of Vampires you must know about!

Three types of vampires

Three types of vampires exists! Then there are subcultures within the subculture of real vampires! Want to know more? Then you’re in the right place!

Three types of vampires exists. When we say this, we are not saying that one type of real vampirism is better than another. We are saying that there are three primary types of real vampires based on their feeding styles. Further, within the subculture we have further created terms for specific types of feeding within the three primary types of feeding styles.

Today in Vampire 101, we are going to discuss the three primary types of feeding and some of their subcategories.

Sanguine Feeding Vampires

Sanguine feeding is feeding of blood. This is your typical straight forward image of the fictional vampire, in reality, it is one the least used form of feeding for real vampires. There are many reasons for this, so see the practice as violent, others as unnecessary. There is no “right way to feed” so if you are sanguine, don’t let the haters get you down. So long as you are not harming anyone and you are feeding with consent, your fine. A sub category of sang feeding are Medical Sangs, who see the need for the consumption of blood as a yet to be defined medical condition and nothing more.

Psychic Feeding Vampires

Psychic or Psi vampires feed of the energy of others with out the exchange of bodily fluids. They do this by opening up the tesubos of their bodies, gates if you will, and then drink the energy around them. Feeding of the ambient, free floating energy around them is considered ethical feeding. Feeding off the direct energy of a person without consent is considered an attack and a big no no in the community. Sub Categories of Psychic Vampires include Incubi and Succubi who feed off sexual energy, Sandmen who feed off vivid dreams, Elementals who can feed of nature, and the list goes on!

Hybrid Vampires

Hybrids are rare because they can feed off both blood and energy. That is not to say we don’t have a preference, just like everyone has a favorite food, we, as I am a Hybrid, usually want either blood or psi energy as a preferred method of feeding. If you have seen my media appearances, you can probably guess mine!

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