TSR Drama Continues!

TSR drama continues as it deletes its Twitter account and more!

tsr drama

TSR Drama has been a nightmare since their Pro Trump, Sexists, Racists, Misogynic post came to light, as documented here! However, like all alt right loonies, they just can’t shut up!

To bring you wonderful Darklings up to date, the TSR drama

TSR Drama get them Kicked out of GenCon!

Gygax Jr. constant attacks and bombastic statements was too much for the convention his dad help start! GenCon had to kick them out! That’s right, TSR will NOT have a booth at 2021 GenCon!

Luke Gygax denounces Ernie Gygax (Jr)

Gygax Jr.’s brother Luke Gygax said he, his family, and Gary Con (the convention dedicated to Gary Gygax) are “not involved” with his work, calling it a “quick nostalgia money grab based on my father’s name and not much else.”

Gizmodo article shows Ernie Gygax Jr murder fantasies!

The on line magazine, Gizmodo, has an amazing full article on the situation. The following quote is from the article!

Gen Con announced that TSR Games LaNasa does not have a booth or panels at this year’s event, and that the con would “deny them” if they applied to attend. Gygax Jr.’s brother Luke Gygax said he, his family, and Gary Con (the convention dedicated to Gary Gygax) are “not involved” with his work, calling it a “quick nostalgia money grab based on my father’s name and not much else.” Several publishersdesigners, and people who’ve worked on TSR projects have voiced their opposition to TSR Games LaNasa and have demanded an apology from Gygax Jr.—which he gave, in a manner of speaking.

In a since-deleted thread on Twitter, Gygax Jr. said he “never meant to hurt anyone of any race, creed, or color” (note how he didn’t mention gender identity) and added that “everyone has been welcome at my gaming table.” However, his apology mostly focused on his personal history of being bullied—framed as how “attractive ladies would just lower the eyes while the jocks or other socially vibrant fellows had some fun at another geeky nerds expense”—while also mentioning his past desire to commit a school shooting. (io9 viewed the thread before it was deleted and took screenshots, and there’s a similar statement on his Facebook that appears to have removed the shooting reference.)

As a gamer it meant that most of us were not worthy of any attention from others of our own age. We were Nerds. We were brainy-acks and others would snicker,” Gygax Jr. wrote. “I played the Violin and often I began to wish that indeed I did have a Thompson 45 Machine Gun inside so that I could wipe away some of those laughs.”

TSR Drama stems from Gygax Jr murder, revenge fantasies?

Needless to say, this is disturbing. While this violent posturing may appeal to some, for those who have experienced the loss of loved ones due to violence, who have been struggling to support LGBTQIA and BIPOC rights and equality, these words are not just irresponsible marketing to Alt Right customers, they are dangerous! Just like Trump, Gary Gygax is using hate and violence as a marketing ploy.

We in the TTRPG community can only hope this is the last of the drama from him, and he stays deleted!

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