5 Suggestions for Positive and Healthy Group Building in the Vampire Community

5 Suggestions for Positive and Healthy Group Building in the Vampire Community

5 Suggestions for Positive and Healthy Group Building in the Vampire Community – By Michael Vachmiel July 25 2021

5 Suggestions for Positive and Healthy Group Building in the Vampire Community.

With Halloween approaching the curious are going to be wanting to join our groups because, lets face it, vampires are cool! Groups, our Houses, Courts, Covens have been couped up for close to a year in some cases and are thirsty for social interaction! Even the Ronin, those not part of a group, need healthy and positive social interaction to maintain good mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  So, with that in mind, here are 5 suggestions for positive and healthy group building.

One.  Be honest, open, and vulnerable with new people.   Explain to them the realities of the vampire culture.  The titles and all the fancy imagery and language only apply to each individual group and its for stage craft, dramaturgy, and imagery, to create a mood and energy, and has no actual bearing on real life whatsoever outside of that group.   We are not cults.  We do not have absolute knowledge.  No one knows everything.  

Two.  Encourage members to talk to people from other groups!  Network! Communicate!   Go to any established social media and search vampire.   You will get a ton of dead vampire groups.  Why?  Vampire groups fail because they fail at the first rule of social interaction, networking, and communication.  If you don’t talk to others, you don’t grow, you don’t expand! You don’t let people know your organization is alive and active! 

Three.  Be inclusive!  I know this is a shock.  But hear me out.  Not everyone is going to think 100% like you do. Gasp! I know!  People and vampires are individuals!   That means some vampires in your groups will not be living vampires.   They enjoy the vampire gothic aesthetic.  Some will enjoy the music and lifestyle!  Some will not even be vampires at all!  Some may be otherkin, fairy, or other type of spiritual path that associates with vampires because they have no one else to be around!  

On this, this is up to you.  Everyone is different.   Every group is different.    If your only allowing people in your group that eats darkness and poops bats, you’re not going to last.   Have an honest conversation with your group members on who you want in your group and try to be open minded and flexible as possible.

Four.   Groups are a us, not a me.   For vampire balls, formal court, ceremony, then a top-down energy is fantastic!   All other times, it should be a round table discussion as much as possible!  Everyone has great ideas!  Everyone wants to participate!  Everyone wants to listen to GOOD ideas who is sane and rational!  And give credit!  Make the people around you feel appreciated and important!

Five.   Do something!   Meet with people!   Grab lunch!  Go to movies together!  Go to a friend’s house and watch the new season of your favorite show!  Meet at a pub and grab a pint or two!  And keep it causal!   You don’t have to dress like the prince or princess of darkness to remind people you’re a vampire. 

Above all remember, being a vampire, being part of a subculture, being part of a group, is about sharing, caring for your fellows, learning, and having fun!    I wish you all the success in the world in making your groups the best they can be!

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