When insanity is the normal

When insanity is the normal.

It is not sane or rational to hate someone because of

Country of Origin
Sexual Preference
Gender Preference

These are not areas of disagreement.  These are fundamental human rights.

Further, outdated and dangerous beliefs such as

Racial Superiority
Gender Superiority
Class Superiority
Genetic Superiority

have been disproven and discarded as relics of the past.

Defense of these failed arguments and beliefs is a systemic sign of a failed, uneducated society. 

For those of living in The South, in the United States, we are living in a backward, primitive, and abusive culture of forced breeding,  racism,   sexism,  Homophobia,  and domestic terrorism.

These attitudes of  ” Superiority through ignorance ” makes running any organization that adheres to the concepts of basic human rights, BASIC UNIVERSAL RIGHTS, difficult.

The failing of the Radicalized Evangelicals, and the decline of the traditional power base of the White, Ultra Conservative Male, marks the beginning of the end of their social, economic, political and religious power. 

For those of us organizing business and groups with the concepts of human rights at the core, following Science, Ethics, Social Concensus,  and basic social engineering and stability of modernized Western Culture of a post modern, socially conscious society, continuing such endeavors will be met with open hostility, as we represent the inevitable paradigm shift in society.

Therefore, we will always be a target of domestic terrorism, including verbal assault in various forms and through various media.

My words are meant to serve as an acknowledgement of the abuse and real threats that You and I, as influencer and agents of change face.   My words also stand as a reminder the world is not The South, and there are more that stand for basic humanity than against.

To those angry and seething, my words to you, you will loose.