The Black Flame Current. Divine impulses to dominate or submit.

The Black Flame Current – Divine impulses to dominate or submit.

While science has shown Alpha concepts do not exist in animals as first thought, that powerful need to control and dominate exist in humanity.  The addition of occult drives,  such as vampirism and therianism,  pushes those natural instincts into spiritual drives as well.  With the Yin of the dominant, so to nature produces the Yang of the submissive and divine prey.  The two energies make their infinite combinations of reality.

In understanding the concept of divine beast in some,  and divine prey in others, the need for dominance and power becomes understandable within the vampire and therian psyche.

Further, as this is a spiritual set of drives, fueled human base instincts and biologically produced impulses found in the species necessary for survival, we can safely acknowledge the common pulse of our spiritual cultures without diluting the current of The Black Flame into ego traps of gender, race, or genetic superiority.

No, the natural instinct to dominate, control,  conquer, submit, yield and achieve is found within all.  To what height it is achieved, like any magical work, is a direct manifestation of Will.

Michael Vachmiel