Vampire Law of The Greater Houston Area.

Vampire Law

Vampire Law of the Vampire Court of Houston.

The VCH, despite certain terminology and imagery used, is mostly democratic organization when possible. Every Vampire and Swan in the Greater Houston – Galveston Area (GHA) has a voice, and an appropriate time and place for that voice to be heard.  We have a Council that will deliberate to ensure the will of our people and keep our social relationships strong. Our social, spiritual, and political bonds are deep, our trust must be always earned.  We promote being open, being free, sharing community, understanding, family and the support of our home. Greater Houston – Galveston (GHA) is our priority, we are not introverted, and we wish to see good things happen for everyone in this city.

The VCH works privately and openly for the betterment of the community with such acts as charity and volunteer work.

Vampire Law of the VCH – Tenants of the Court

1. The Vampire Court is a place for all GHA Vampires and Swans.

2. The Vampire Court is to protect all GHA Vampires.

3. The Vampire Court will govern the Vampire law for all GHA Vampires.

4. The Vampire Court is to be both reasonable and decisive.

5. The Vampire Court is not to be disrupted with mundane affairs.

6. The Vampire Court is to be treated with respect.

7. The Vampire Court’s Council is charged with maintaining order.

8. The Vampire Court’s Council members are to be shown the proper respect of their offices.

9. The Vampire Court shall never die.

The Vampire Law of GHA

1. There shall be no discrimination with any person or group based on race, religion, sexual orientation and preferences between consenting adults, gender identity, or relationship structure.

2. Feeding without consent, unless feeding from ambient energy, is strictly prohibited.

3. No Vampire is to use any personal ability, physical or metaphysical to attack another member of the court.

4. All Vampires within the court are expected to follow human law without exception.

5. No Vampire is to share information of another’s Vampiric nature to a mundane without consent. That which has been made open knowledge is not restricted.

6. Each Vampire is responsible for the conduct of their childe they have awakened to the Black Flame.

7. Any assault, physical, spiritual, verbal, against any council member will be treated as an act of treason until the Court convenes to pass judgment.

8. The Vampire Council will adjudicate all issues presented unless a vote is called for.

9. The Vampire Council must always rule objectively. If one, cannot, they may be asked to step down for the issue in question.

10. The Chain of command within the Court is always to be upheld and respected.

11. Those found guilty of treason are to be excommunicated from the court.

12. In a vote a majority Vampire ruling will always decide.

13. Non-Vampires and Swans are welcomed, but they must be sponsored by a Vampire or fellow Swan. Vampires and Swans must take full responsibility for those they sponsor.

14. Non-Vampire and Swan votes will be counted as usual unless otherwise protested for interfering with the will of the Vampire majority.

15. Non-Vampires and Swans are to be treated as guests and shown respect.

16. Non-Vampires and Swans are to show proper respect as guests.

17. Any court member may call for a vote at any time.

18. Votes must ground for a month until they can be voted on again.

19. All Vampires within the territories of Greater Houston – Galveston (GHA) are subject to this court’s laws and rulings.

20.  All Vampires within the GHA territories are expected to make formal introductions to the court through contact with a council member within 30 days of their arrival to the territory.

21. All GHA Vampires traveling to another territory are expected to make proper introductions to those who rule in that territory if they are so governed.

22. All GHA Vampires are expected to abide the laws of any territory they visit unless that law places someone in harms way.

23. Enemies of the court are not to be received. Those proven traitors, those who have been excommunicated, or those that wish us harm shall be cast out. We shall not acknowledge them in any way, they will become as ghosts without voices.

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Houston Vampires? Houston has vampires! Yes and we are awesome!

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Vampire Court of Houston

Definition – Noun* Manifestation of the collective Will of the Subcultures of the Greater Houston Area* A Private society of vampires and like minds forming a collective Inner Court. * A Global Society of vampires and like minds forming a public Outer Court. * A globally recognized business producing an array of art for the various global subcultures. * Hosted by Michael Vachmiel – Vampire King of Houston.

Have you ever wanted to join a vampire group but were put off by the drama of the community?  Could not find a group near you?  Maybe your group started but slowly died off?  Want to be a modern being and celebrate life, work, family and still have time to join the Dark Crusade?

The Vampire Court of Houston may be for you! 

Except the last part. We are not a time management organization.

The VCH is a community organization driven by the goal to meet the needs of the community while respecting its members.   We do not allow bullying or harassment of any type!  We do not ask for money from our members!  We allow people from around the world to join with us through the magic of social media.  

We do not formally sanction or acknowledge dark rituals or souls for trade.  


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